Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I like you a lot lot.

And now to share some sources of personal inspiration in the form of people and websites.

Every college has its student celebrities. But the modest size of Franciscan University's Communication Arts department is no indicator of Cory Heimann's talent. Despite the fact that the ink on his diploma is barely dry, he's been doing design for Catholic organizations for many years. His dedication to making Christianity fun, fresh and appealing is pretty inspiring.

My mouth literally starts watering when I get to this site. Sooo many tutorials, so many free downloads, so many great ideas to try. It ends up just making me want to upgrade all my outdated programs. Sigh.

Jaw dropping, cool, artistic, high end photography. He does mostly weddings, but some family and portrait photography too, with a few fashion shoots. It's almost frustrating to look at his work and wonder howwwww he gets such unbelievable photos out of regular, ordinary non-modeling people.

Monday, June 21, 2010


A less-good animation from this past semester, haha. It's the DVD menu for a kids movie that doesn't exist. And yes, the inchworms are SUPPOSED to be cheesy, (it has nothing to do with the fact that I couldn't get them to move like real inchworms and eventually gave up.)

I looked and looked for a song to put this to and couldn't find one that fit the "mood" I was going for. (Maybe funny / playful / instrumental?) I even looked at old "Doo-wop" kind of music from the fifties. Any suggestions? I'd really like to find one before this goes into any sort of portfolio.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Theology of the Body: (aka: Do I really have the guts to say the word SEX in Church...)

In the past month I've gone from round the clock graphic design, photoshop, computer animation, and web site work to pretty much nada. Work at the White Buffalo Resort (my parents' business) is demanding, physical, and sometimes rewarding, but allows for very little "creative expression". (Picture a snarky look on my face as I reluctantly concede to being one of those people who feels they need "creative expression.")

Therefore I went OVERBOARD on the chance to design a few flyers for what I'm hoping will be one of my more exciting ventures of the summer- facilitating a Theology of the Body Study Group at my parish in Arkansas.

I love Theology of the Body because:

1) It's so different from any other chastity talk you've ever heard. In high school it seemed that the goal was to become a sex escape artist. Anyone teaching the Christian view on sex wanted to convince you to dodge sex at every turn- in your mind, in your relationships, in culture. Put your blinders on and begin a rapid succession of dodges and feints. Theology of the Body celebrates sex instead.

2) It teaches that sex is just as important as you think it is. More important even. Theology of the Body looks at sex not only as the fundamental expression of love in humanity, but also as the very building block of society, and even a FORESHADOWING OF HEAVEN.
Yowza. I'm not sure Hugh Hef even takes it that far.

3) It's transformative. And by that I mean it's transformed ME. Like a lot of young Catholics. I had an attitude of "rules". What do the rules really say? How far is too far? Show me the line and let me see justttt how close I can get without actually crossing. Instead of shoving the rules back down your throat, Theology of the Body brings you face to face with the hugeness of God's love for you. It challenges you to take rules out of the equation and instead love God so deeply that your will conforms to His will.

I haven't done a lot of ministry to adults. And I REALLY haven't done a lot of public speaking. Just having to go to all the masses in my parish this weekend and stand up to promote this study group was a big deal to me. Questions like: "Is this dress too low cut for someone promoting Theology of the Body?" and "Am I ACTUALLY about to use the word sexuality from the pulpit and in front of my entire parish?" were chief in my mind.

I guess I'm feeling called to live my faith more visibly. I've always been pretty content to meekly support and cheer on those in public ministry. Quietly pray for priests and whatnot. This summer especially though, I really feel God asking me to set aside my insecurities and step up. To use my face to represent the face of the Catholic Church, (not an easy face to have right now.) To really put myself and my reputation out there as capital "C" CATHOLIC and accept whatever challenges or knocks may come.

It's a little scary and intimidating.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to be present on Wednesday night when we begin Theology of the Body.
And rejoice that no lightning bolts took me down during my few moments at the altar. Not yet anyway.