Saturday, August 20, 2011

California Photo Teaser

I am safely back from a wildly successful trip to my home state, against all odds and despite some verrry preventative measures by my car. (Note for the future: letting a car with existing electrical issues bake in Airport surface parking for nine days? Poor choice.) I am facing major jet lag, exhaustion, impending responsibility (roughly 36 hours til I start my new temporary job) all rounded out by the fact that I'm just really not ready to be back in Arkansas.

Ergo, I've spent my afternoon drinking tea and looking at vacation pictures.
You can look too if you like:

For the un-initiated: these are gumballs from my gumball ice cream found exclusively at the Scoop Deck in Dana Point Harbor. Yes, i spit them in a cup. It's not gross. Cause I said so. Those of you I saw: I can't even EXPRESS how happy you make me. I'm a lucky girl. Those of you I didn't see (and I know there's a couple...): I'll be back. Sooner rather than later. :)