Sunday, October 25, 2009

A School with a View

We are the school on a hill, in the proverbial and physical sense. Saturday night, after a day of rain and misery, the sun managed to burn through in a radiant red strip across the field behind my house. Jackie and I went out to snag a few shots and then got ambitious and decided to try and get a good view of the Ohio River Valley. We got a bit more than we bargained for on the muddy trek out to the edge of Franciscan's property.

While I've been congratulating myself so far on the quality of photos I've been taking, I'm being forced to admit that yeah, it's Fall right now and therefore beautiful outside. In a few weeks all the amazing scenery around here is going to be raked into piles and forgotten. Any ideas on how I can keep this photo challenge going through the winter?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good looking roommate #1

It's true. I always end up living with attractive people. This was taken on the back "porch" (square of concrete) of our ghetto apartment, enjoying a beer before walking down to the soccer game. Barons won, woo hoo.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cemetery as a Cure.

Any native Californian will tell you. Seasonal depression is REAL.

We had a few brutally cold weeks in the beginning of October. Gray skies, frosty wind, the whole nine yards. I had just about packed away any hope of temperatures above the 40's in 2009. And then yesterday, like a smile straight outta heaven, the sun came out and burned off all the misty rain that has been hanging over this city like a curse. I grabbed my camera, my friends Jackie and Carla, and we took a trip to- wait for it- Union Cemetery here in Steubenville. Nothing like a walk through the graveyard to give you a new lease on life. Happy Happy Fall.