Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ten Reasons I Quit Blogging.

Oh, my poor abandoned blog.

Ten Reasons I Quit Blogging:

1) Not posting anything on your blog for eight months makes you feel like you have to come back with a BANG.  As the time increases, so does the pressure to "make it good." I'll think about writing something and go- "Really? THAT'S what you're gonna come back from an eight month hiatus with??"

2) Until this week? I haven't had internet in my house. Side note: no real TV either. The dark ages called, they want their lifestyle back. The Olympics are happening soon, right?

3) My [not-so-new-anymore] job, while phenom, requires my backside to be seated in front of a computer screen for eight-ish hours daily.  Perhaps it should have been evident, but I feel somebody could have taken the time during four years of graphic design classes to explain that this was the lifestyle I'd be embracing.

4) Needless to say, when five o'clock rolls around every day, I exit my office with all the grace and poise of a wild dog. Spending my free time staring at a screen for any reason just doesn't appeal to me.

5) I didn't stop having thoughts all of the sudden. But it was a major goal this year to spend less time on morbid introspection and go make some waves in the world instead. Success, I think.

6) Portland is wild. As in there's been a lot to get out and experience. And no, I don't really live in Portland.  Ergo, it just takes me longer to get to-and-from all my wild experiences.

7) I'm actually out of reasons at six. Ten was ambitious. Everything from this point will just be complaints.

8) Like, when design becomes your job, it no longer counts as a fun side pastime. Everyone told me this would happen.

9) Blogging about things other than design always feels pretentious to me.  Things like my life.  The voyeur in me loves reading blogs that detail the happenings in other people's lives, but blogging about my own always feels mad pretentious.

10) It did actually take me months to feel secure enough in my new job / life / experience in the Pacific northwest to make any firm statements about "what things are like" for me.  During my first six months here, I'd feel genuinely stuck for words whenever anyone asked me how it was going. I didn't really know yet. There was so much NEWNESS going on, I could barely take it all in, much less categorize or label it.

If you're curious? It's going really well.  There's been more health, more growth, more stability, more creativity happening in my world than I know what to do with. And it doesn't always feel GOOD or comfortable, but it feels VERY right.  And I'm so blessed by it. I'll post some of my best pictures soon to show why 2012 has been an (unblogged) adventure.