Thursday, February 24, 2011

On My Plate.

Here's some of the things I'm working on so far this semester:

A project for my upper level Animation class- a kid's game that teaches you how to pray the Rosary. I did it in photoshop, but I wanted it to look like cut paper.
Let's go Barons! I got to do some game photography, as well as a re-shoot for the team. We turned out some really fun shots.

This semester I've started doing some marketing and design for "Love Revealed", a group on campus aiming to promote chastity, real love and Theology of the Body. This flier is one of six I designed for their Valentine's Day campaign, which took the "Prayer to Mary by De Grandmaison" and broke it up. Really beautiful prayer, fun project.
Maybe the biggest thing I'm working on this semester I don't even have anything to show for yet. I'm filming a ten minute movie for an Independent Digital Filmmaking Class. Here's the Sony AIU Camera sitting on my desk after shooting a really rainy scene this afternoon, haha.

Badly composited child jumping around in a playground- techniques learned in Digital Photography and Fine Art, haha.
Another work in progress for the same class.
Promotional Media for a seminar going on tonight at Franciscan- speakers from Varsity Catholic are coming to talk to campus about...well....Athletics and Mission Work.

Here's the 8 foot long banner hanging up in the JC, haha.

Let me start by apologizing to anyone who has been within a 20 foot radius of me in the past three weeks.

Seriously, I'm sorry.

In the past couple weeks I have become one of those people who does nothing but complain about how busy and miserable they are. I hate those people. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is going to be my ugliest semester. This sucks because 1) It's my final semester in college, (and supposed to be fun?? Right?) and 2) A lot of what I'm doing is the result of a recently discovered error in my transcripts. (Say what? Transferring between four different schools makes for complication and leaves you open to constant re-interpretation of your class credits?)

I had no idea.


You know how people always talk about writer's block? Well I submit that it happens to Artists too, "Artist's Block". I know this because over the past couple weeks, I have felt like a creative black hole. Idea after idea, inspiration after inspiration would come funneling into my mind but NOTHING would come back out.

So Jackie, (my primary sounding board / substance supplier through these hard times) did what she does best the other day and punched a hole in my drama, encouraging me to take my sketchbook into the chapel and give that talent back to the Lord rather than relying so heavily on myself.

Needless to say I'm much more peaceful.