Friday, April 15, 2011

New Look.

It is amazing what writing a paper will do to you. Or just me maybe.

Things that have not interested me in six months suddenly become FASCINATING.

Apparently anytime I want my house cleaned, to catch up with numerous old friends, or to finally begin reading self-help books I stole from home back at Christmas Break, all I have to do is assign myself a paper.

Note: I have cleaned my house more than once in the past six months. There was that time I was studying for midterms back in February.....

I gave up facebook for lent, which has allowed me some interesting insights into my own psyche. Rather than forcing me into greater interaction with real physical people, I have turned to blogging & blog reading with a sort of desperation i did not know I possessed.

Anyway, I designed this new header (roughly six months ago, ha!) and have decided that absolutely NOTHING (apparently not even a philosophy critique) is more important this fine afternoon then adding it to my blog.

I'm telling myself I want to go more professional and begin trying to network through this blog, so its justified, yadda yadda.

Back to Philosophy?

I should probably write my aunt a thank you note for taking me to that play last month....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

“If my film makes one more person miserable, I've done my job”

Thank you, Woody Allen, for that gem. I can relate.

Blog's lookin' awkward, and I apologize for that, haha. It badly needs to be re-designed for professionalism (and honestly I couldn't even read the white type on black anymore.)

I haven't officially written anything about my thesis film I'm making, mostly cause there's TOO MUCH to write about. My friend Jackie writes about the filming process HERE.

I spent 11+ hours editing it in a stuffy windowless room yesterday. Ahh the bright stuff upon which we build our futures. I seriously struggle with insomnia this semester. I think I've developed a permanent eye twitch from staring so hard at computer screens.

As I walked home from the editing lab last night I felt seriously crazy. I was hypersensitive to every sight and sound, like I was editing REAL LIFE in my head.

Me: "I think I need to go home and eat something"

Cut to 3 second Mid shot of Jackie listening

Jackie: "You're sure you don't want hot chocolate?"

Cut to Over the shoulder shot of me considering hot chocolate

Me: "No, I'm gonna make eggs."

MUSIC. My favorite thing. I started editing to music yesterday and it just makes all the difference. This is a moody, dramatic sort of film, so I had to comb my music library for any leftover emo songs.

Two songs I've settled on, (if I can get the rights):

DLZ by TV on the Radio
JUST realized this was used in the TV Show Vampire Diaries. Thank you youtube commenters for ruining my song choice. Am trying to not let this affect my decisions....

The Funeral by Band of Horses

I am also CONSIDERING using Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap for a little "redemption montage" I'm cutting together for the final scene.
BUT I'm worried that 500 Days of Summer may forever own this song the way Juno now owns everything by the Moldy Peaches.
The last thing you want during a redemptive montage is some know-it-all in the audience turning to all his buddies and going "Isn't this the 500 Days of Summer Song?"
And then probably talking about how he was a fan of the band WAY before they ever got asked to be in the soundtrack.

Listen and tell me what you think.

And finally here's some poor quality stills I've been meaning to post forever.

For a while I was going to paint these and work them into animated credits a la Spiderman 2, but I think I'm gonna go another route.

And...that's all for now, haha.