Saturday, January 14, 2012

Go West.

My mom could have absolutely done the Oregon trail thing. Seriously. She and I packed up my Saturn on January 4th and headed in a general North-Westernly direction with the purpose of dropping me off at my new life in Washington State.

Per the mental rules of my "2012 One picture Per Day" endeavor, I can't post more picture per day. But that doesn't mean I can't showcase some of the extras here:
The car top carrier I bought began to fall apart after less than 2 hours on the road. Ergo- ratcheting straps. And lots of them.
Favorite States we crossed- Utah and Wyoming hands down. No offense Idaho, but your landscape along route 80 could do with a little sprucing.
Wyoming had such cheap gas! $2.65 was the lowest we saw.
My mom totally ate a Buffalo Burger here.
We drove through the Columbia Gorge at sunrise on our final stretch through Oregon. It was my turn at the wheel so I begged my mom to at least shoot a couple pictures for me. Merits a trip back for sure.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 in Photos

I could really echo my friend Sarah in attesting that, 2011, you were a mighty disjointed year for me. 2011 was characterized by periods of extreme activity contrasted with extreme boredom. Certain months were totally packed with different happenings, while for others I can't for the life of me recall what I did for 30 days. Some extreme accomplishment, balanced with weeks of helplessly frozen frustration while I searched for the next move. Nevertheless, an important year! Reminisce with me!
March for Life in DC for the first time!
Well known: Christmas is my first favorite holiday. Less well-known: My second favorite holiday is in late January and it celebrates a pair of Canadian lovebirds named Ken and Mary. And Claire was there!

Only too true: February and March are kind of a blur for me. I know I made a movie. While also enrolled in 18 class credits and acting as assistant co-ordinator of my household. My memories have become this one long streak of scribbled notes on the back of scripts and hauling a 30 pound tripod all over campus while filming in every weather condition Eastern Ohio could throw at me. Thank God I have a copy of the DVD and this ONE and only photo of me and Jackie filming under an umbrella taken by a friend with a cellphone. Proves the whole thing actually happened.
Ahem. Filming The Pardoning. He looks how I felt.

My two dear ones turn 21 within a day of each other. Inciting even MORE reasons to drink in my on-campus apartment. Cause we really needed them.
Easter at Franciscan. So Epic. And Claire was there!
Final Household retreat!

My student film ENDS and "premieres" and I mostly hold it together.
BFT officially PAINTS our common room in time for me to say goodbye to household and I mostly hold it together.
Do what I've been attempting to do for FIVE years now and GRADUATE WITH MY BACHELORS. MOSTLY HOLD IT TOGETHER.

Spend my first few weeks as a free, fully educated woman of the world picking berries at a local farm for $5 a bucket with my little brother. Welcome home to Arkansas.

Fave city in the world for the Fourth: the Lou.
I do NOT know why the date reads 2006 on this picture. I really dont.

August was like a year in itself.
VSC Reunion meets Ocean City, Maryland.
Wild times ensue.
Only topped by a ten day trip back to California for my cousin Katie's wedding that still makes my heart expand on mere memory.
Pizza and so much more. With this crowd.

I awkwardly teach, turn 24, and look for serious employment while in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Here illustrated is one of those three things.

One month in Washington does not a Pacific Northwestern-er make. I did get to see some mountains over Thanksgiving though.
More to come. I feel confident in that much.

Home. Christmas. Family. In Arkansas! Despite all evidence pointing against it, we stayed home together for Christmas this year and had a damn good time doing it. Here we are hiking near the Buffalo River a few days before New Years.