Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Itty bitty citty liffe.

So I lied.
Or fibbed. Or maybe just got super busy last week and fell down my challenge and will now redeem myself.

The good news is that with 4 day fall break and other crazy stuff going on, I ended up taking a ton of pictures. The bad news is that none of them knock my socks especially off. :(

Between spending my 4 day in Baltimore with my girl Mahoney and a few trips to Pittsburgh and Robinson I've been reacquiring a taste of big(ger) city life. The Please Don't Judge disclaimer: I despise it when people act like they're too good for the simple life. I have lived some of the best and healthiest periods of my life in towns MUCH smaller than Steubenville, Ohio. I should NOT be called a snob for what I'm about to say next.

I miss it. I miss the options. The excitement. The variety. Shopping. Skylines. Neon. People watching. Dirty, delicious little Greek restaurants run by dirty little Greek men.

Yes, I know cities can be pretentious. Expensive. Full of empty, lonely people. And maybe, like my parents, I'll turn 50 and retreat to the woods where no trace of a cell phone signal can be found. I'm not ruling it out.

But maybe I'll move to New York First.

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